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Lady Amber is a research vessel involved with various projects

The ARGO Project

Argo takes the pulse of the oceans, collecting and distributing temperature and salinity observations from a fleet of 3000 underwater robots.


Information and tracking from an Argo float is in real time, allowing students in junior and senior schools to use this data to study ocean currents, weather and much more.

Spurs 2 Project

The Lady Amber is to deploy the floats and drifters every few months from Spring 2016 to Fall 2017, and will be servicing Sea gliders, Wave Gliders and instruments on the surface moorings.


We have filled 6% of the ARGO array

The Lady Amber is a 20m schooner rigged sailing vessel previously under the command of Peter Flanagan – its “dedicated purpose is to fill the gap areas in the oceanographic Argo robotic array between Latitudes 50⁰S and 50⁰N with the exception of official demarcated piracy zones and within the constraints of the cyclone seasons.”
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