Education Outreach

June 22, 2016

Introducing Argo to schools – A Lady Amber Initiative.   


Imagine having your very own autonomous robot in the ocean feeding data from thousands of miles away live to your own personal computer?

Due to the fact that the information and tracking from an Argo float is in real time, students in junior and senior schools can use this data to study ocean currents, weather and a whole host of information. Data can also be used to teach graphs, trigonometry, values, chemistry and generally make maths and science more personal and interesting. Aboard Lady Amber, we use every opportunity available to us at the ports we reach to show educators on how to implement the data to their school curriculum.

Capt. Peter Flanagan delivering a lecture to educators on the Argo Project.

The school, class or group have the opportunity to contact our vessel with a ‘name’; we write their chosen name on the float and deploy it in the required position, filming the deployment and sending the deployment position, sea state, depth, weather conditions and status of the float to the school via our satellite link.

In this way the group or school, adopt ‘their’ float creating an awareness of the oceans, the research done and its importance in economics made all the more so as the data they interpret has greater significance being their ‘adopted float’.


Although we have just started the program aboard Lady Amber this year we already have 9 schools and 2 institutions tracking and using the data from our floats and another 30 schools internationally to follow.

mauritius education outreach

We believe that these students are our future and the ones who will carry our message on with them in later life.

Demonstrating Boyle’s Law