Mauritius Collaborates With RV Lady Amber For 2013

“The Ministry of Education has established collaboration with Lady Amber Research Vessel in favour of students of secondary schools so that they will be provided with real time date through Argo. In this context, in January 2013,some 80 secondary schools will be engaged in this programme with the vessel. Participating schools will be able to use data like readings of water temperature, movement of current, density and weather to enrich the present curriculum in Marine Biology, Science, Mathematics and other related subjects like Geography and Agriculture. These data will be useful in the study of climate change and climate prediction”

Download pdf version of article here: 2013-01-04The changes for 2013 _ Defimedia

2013-01-04The changes for 2013 _ Defimedia1 copy

2013-01-04The changes for 2013 _ Defimedia2 copy

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